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Welcome Hermonites

The alumni of Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling have presented to themselves and their alumnus a structured and functioning Alumni Association, named “Hermonites Alumni Kolkata”.

It’s been registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1961 with its base in Kolkata.

It was a long, cherished dream of all Hermonites to have an organization where all Hermonites from all over the world could unite under one banner. We are very proud and privileged to implement our long-lost dream into reality. Together, we will show the world our love, affection, warmth and inner strength of being a Hermonite. The feelings we felt whilst in school.

“Old walls are friendly walls friendly walls, farewell! Old walls hold memories that breathe a kindly spell. Breathe then your benison on me as I depart, I’ll keep your memory warm in my heart.”

This particular song which every single Hermonite still hums when they remember their school days and it’s summed up by our school motto.

“ Non Scholae Set Vitae Discimus” ……….. (Not for school but for life we learn)

These instances strike the chords of nostalgia in every Hermonite’s heart.


Community Center




12/03/2015 08:08:07

A meeting point for all those who cherish their time spent in Mount Hermon, dotting the hills of Darjeeling - for those who would like to re-connect or find lost friends - for those who'd like to post pictures for others to see. The Group has been created to catch up on old friends and make new ones. Share HAPPY MEMORIES- Photos & Events that show the positive side of Mount Hermon.  


Hail Hermonites

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